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MagnaCharger™ The Ultimate Organising Magnetic Fidget Cable

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Cableling Quality, Again

Lets face it, we have almost everything without wires. Internet, earbuds headphones, monitors, computers, bluetooth technology etc. But we couldn't figure out powering devices wirelessly, at least from a distance. And those wireless chargers are not really carry friendly huh? Looks like we are stuck with cables, then lets have fun!

Our success after "Cableling™ - One Cable to Rule Them All!" make us thought, why not go in another aproach? Physics gave us magnets, so why don't we organise our cables!

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Perfect Gift for a Tech Head!

Looking a usefull and funny gift for someone? Pretty sure everyone has something to charge!

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Charge everything, anywhere, with style

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With phones having awesome features literally day after day, unfortunately, batteries draining faster. And it's not just phones! Everyday, a new gadget get announced!

"Charging" is daily ritual for us, possibly multiple times a day.

Cables are now EDC (everyday carry) items. So lets have fun with them!

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